PayJet does not accept wire transfers.  To add money to your account, transfer funds from your account at another bank, and/or set up Direct Deposit.

To transfer funds from another funding account, sign in to your other account (at another bank or PayPal, etc.), and look for an option to transfer funds or make a payment.  This may be referred to as an "external account" or "ACH" or "electronic check" transaction, and when prompted for the destination account to receive the funds, enter your PayJet Routing Number and Account Number, which can be found in your PayJet account profile.  In most cases, these transfers take 1-3 business days (banking days).

Note: When transferring funds from another bank account, you must always "push" funds from your other bank account into your PayJet account, by initiating the transfer from your other bank account; you cannot "pull" funds from your other bank account by initiating the process from within PayJet.